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Listening Skills Inhouse Sessions and Workshops

"Many of the most important facets of life are greatly influenced by your skills (or lack of skill) in listening. The quality of your friendships, the cohesiveness of your family relationships, your effectiveness at work, these hinge, in large measure, on your ability to listen." ~ Robert Bolton in People Skills

Are you are looking to improve relationships? At home or work, with friends? One of the most important skills that you bring to your relationship, is your ability to listen. Listening is a skill and it is not an easy one. It takes practice and knowledge to actively listen to another person.

"Good listening, means giving open-minded, genuinely interested attention to others, allowing yourself the time and space to fully absorb what they say.

It seeks not just the surface meaning but where the speaker is “coming from”—what purpose, interest, or need is motivating their speech. Good listening encourages others to feel heard and to speak more openly and honestly. ~

Listening Skills Inhouse Sessions and Workshops

Mastering the art of active listening takes effort, because it requires the listener’s attention and ability to be mindfully present to the other person, in situations often filled with strong emotion.

At Port Macquarie Counselling, we offer sessions in listening skills for relationships - whether it is for use at home, or to use in the workplace.

    Poor listeners, underdeveloped listeners, are frequently unable to separate their own needs and interests from those of others. Everything they hear comes with an automatic bias: How does this affect me? What can I say next to get things my way? Poor listeners are more likely to interrupt: either they have already jumped to conclusions about what you are saying, or it is just of no interest to them. They attend to the surface of the words rather than listening for what is “between the lines.” When they speak, they are typically in one of two modes. Either they are “downloading”—regurgitating information and pre-formed opinions—or they are in debate mode, waiting for the first sign that you don’t think like them so they can jump in to set you straight." ~

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Active listening...

Active listening is a form of listening and responding that focuses the attention on the speaker.

Often when people talk to each other, they don't listen attentively. They are often distracted, only half listening - if at all, half thinking about something else. The listener must take care to attend to the speaker fully, and then repeats, in the listener's own words, what he or she thinks the speaker has said. In active listening, the listener does not have to agree with the speaker - he or she must simply state what they think the speaker said.

The benefits of Active listening.

  • it helps people to listen attentively to others
  • it avoids misunderstandings
  • it tends to open people up, gets them to say more
  • people feel more understood

    Most of the time people are busy thinking of a response to what is being said. They assume that they have heard what their opponent is saying, and rather than pay attention, they focus instead on how they can respond.

    When people are in conflict, they often contradict each other, denying the opponent's description of a situation. This tends to make people defensive, and they will either lash out, or withdraw and say nothing more.

    However, if they feel that their opponent is really attuned to their concerns and wants to listen, they are likely to explain in detail what they feel and why. If both parties to a conflict do this, the chances of being able to develop a solution to their mutual problem becomes much greater. ~ Excerpt from Colorado University Active Listening.

    "I often ponder over the nature of true human sincerity, true transparency... It is a rare and difficult thing; and how much it depends on the person who is listening to us! There are those who pull down the barriers and make the way smooth; there are those who force the doors and enter our territory like invaders; there are those who barricade us in, shut us in upon ourselves; dig ditches and throw walls around us; there are those who set us out of tune and listen only to our false notes; there are those for whom we always remain strangers, speaking an unknown tongue. And when it is our turn to listen, which of these are we...?" ~ Anonymous

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