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Caring for your mental health

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Some years ago, I was invited to be a part of the team offering our services for a mental health day run by a local hospital.

The staff were treated to massage, aromatherapy and meditation for free, in order to help them with self care to maintain good mental health. There were badges handed out that had a cute little elf printed on them, with the question, "How's your mental elf?".

Looking after our mental health is something we all need to do. I believe that we all need to have a mental health action plan in place, so that we can live the happiest lives possible.

Mental Elf Badge

For me that involves, eating a healthy diet, walking on the beach, dancing, art, meditation, time spent with friends, my family, my garden and my dog (not necessarily in that order), learning and participating in furthering my education.

What about you... How's your mental elf? Do you have a mental health action plan? If the answer is no, then come along for a session, and we'll work together to create a plan for you.

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