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Mindful Touch Healing Sessions

Attention to the human body brings healing and regeneration.
Through awareness of the body we remember who we really are. ~ Jack Kornfield

mindful touch healing sessions

Mindful Touch Healing Sessions are a combination of compassionate touch and the skills of mindfulness and deep listening. We all need safe touch, where we can simply relax and just be, and we all need to be deeply heard and understood.

There is a link between what is happening in the body and what is happening in the mind. Tension in our mind may be exressed in tight neck muscles or jaw problems. Other people experience stomach aches and pains.

Our body keeps giving us messages, sometimes it speaks through discomfort or pain, to let us know something, just isn't right. Learning to become aware of how the state of our mind affects our body, and vice versa, can give us access to deep healing and peace of mind.

Mindful Healing Sessions help you to come to understand the body-mind links, and gives you the ability to learn how to relax your body when you are at home.

Mindfulness of the body is awareness of... the taste and smell of this moment. ~ Steve Hagen

What happens in a session? You will rest on the massage table and get comfy... then, I will guide you in a mindfulness relaxation process. Using hands on, relaxing touch - not massage, simply a series of placements - I invite the client to bring a present moment mindfulness to the body. I share mindfulness techniques to help you to focus attention on your breath. To complete the session I share a guided loving kindness meditation.

What to wear for a session: wear comfortable loose clothes.

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