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Port Macquarie Counselling and Life Coaching

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"For too long, care has been conceived of as either practitioner-centered or patient-centered. In actuality, the healing relationship has always been a crucible for mutual transformation.

The bare willingness of human beings to encounter one another in the midst of our weaknesses and strengths is the quintessential transformative agent. But my experience tells me that it is nearly impossible for us to relate to another human being in this way if we do not begin to relate to ourselves in the same manner.

To walk such a path requires a method: a disciplined way of learning to pay attention to all that is arising within.

This is called mindfulness. But mindfulness is not simply a technique. It is an act of love. Our willingness to see, to hold ourselves closely just as we are, while being this way with another, is a revealing and deeply healing expression of care." -Saki Santorelli, in Healing Thyself

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Counsellor - Life Coach: Kareen Fellows

I offer counselling and life coaching. In the counselling session, I draw upon a range of modalities to suit the person that I am working with, such as; cognitive behavioural techniques, relationship skills, listening skills, inner child work, mindfulness practices, journaling and expressive art exercises.

Qualifications and areas of study:

  • BA Degree from Southern Cross University
  • Majors in Counselling/Sociology/Psychology
  • Lifeline Trained Telephone Counsellor
  • Community Welfare
  • Group Work
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Mindfulness Training UCLA
  • Inner Child John Bradshaw
  • Relationship Training
  • Grief Recovery
  • Mindfulness Based Life Coaching
  • ACT Therapy and Mindfulness and Trauma with Dr Russ Harris
  • Trauma in Art therapy with Cathy Malchiodi
  • Art Journalling - Gifts of Imperfection with Brene Brown
  • Trauma in Art therapy with Cathy Malchiodi
  • Current area of study: Gottman Couples Therapy with The Gottman Institute

    My other roles in life; I have been married for 28 years, I am a mother of two boys of my own and two step sons, and a grandparent. I have had successful businesses and over the years of working with people gradually moved into the areas of Life Coaching and Counselling.

    In addition to my formal counselling and coaching training, I deeply value my years of life experience in a range of roles; from family to business leader. In my 60's now, I also bring to sessions, a deep personal understanding of this human journey we are all on and I am deeply appreciative of how presence, kindness, gratitude and deep listening helps every one of us.

    On this page you will see my practice room, it overlooks a relaxing setting, it was especially created for my work and it is located at the back of my home.

    Call today for an appointment - contact me.

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    counselling room port macquarie counselling overlooks a relaxing garden setting regular visitors at the back fence
    My practice room and relaxing garden view. The kangaroos are regular visitors.
  • Port Macquarie Counselling - to help you along life's journey.