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Port Macquarie Counselling and Life Coaching

These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them. Rumi

My Philosophy. I believe that if you have found your way to this page today, that you are not here by chance. There is a wonderful synchronicity to our beautiful world. Perhaps you are looking for help for yourself, or for a loved one. I hope that you find that help you are seeking, and someone to help at this time of searching. Perhaps you will find it in a session with me, or from one of the resources I have listed. Or, even in some of the videos I have listed on my blog.

We all go through difficult times, every single one of us. Me included. At some point or another, we will run into loss and experience grief. We may experience ill health or relationship breakdown. It's especially during these challenging times, that it can be so helpful to have someone skilled in listening, who has some tools to offer us, to help us along the way.

Dr Daniel Amen says, we need to look at; our physical health, our emotional health, our psychological health and our spiritual health. That when one of those 4 areas is out of balance, that we are out of balance. I think this is a really helpful way to start reflecting on our lives.

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Counsellor - Life Coach: Kareen Fellows


  • BA Degree from Southern Cross University
  • Majors in Counselling/Sociology/Psychology
  • Mindfulness Training UCLA
  • Inner Child John Bradshaw
  • Relationship Studies with the Gottman Institute
  • Grief recovery
  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • ACT Therapy with Dr Russ Harris
  • Trauma in Art therapy with Cathy Malchiodi

    I look forward to completing training this year in hypnotherapy and offering it in sessions.

    My degrees in life; I have been married for 30 years. I am a mother of two boys of my own and two step sons, and am a grandparent. I have had successful businesses and over the years, and working with people, I became fascinated with how 'we work' and so sold my businesses, and trained in of Counselling and Coaching.

    I value my years of life experience, in all the roles I have chosen. In my 60's now, I believe that these life skills, in addition to my formal training, gives me a deep personal understanding of this human journey we are all on.

    I am deeply appreciative of how presence, kindness, gratitude and deep listening helps every one of us.

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