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Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis

hypnotherapy page Hypnotherapy combines hypnosis with therapy. Hypnotherapy has nothing to do with stage hypnosis, the type of hypnosis you may have seen on the TV or for entertainment purposes.

What is Hypnosis? The state of hypnosis is essentially when you become absorbed in experience.

Hypnosis is a very natural state of being in a trance, and we all move in and out of this state many times, every day. Perhaps you find yourself dreamily looking out a window and then realise that you've been 'miles away' in you mind. Or, have you ever had the experience of driving a familiar route and suddenly realise that you have no recollection of how you managed to drive the last few streets? Perhaps you've found yourself drifting off in your mind when someone is talking. These are all states of trance, and they are a very natural place to be.

A hypnotherapy session, aids you in reaching a focussed consciousness and it is very relaxing. It's very like guided meditation, but takes you to a deeper level than meditation.

For hypnotherapy to be successful, the client needs to be ready to make changes in their lives.

The hypnotherapy session is directed towards the individual's reason for attending. It is completely safe and a very powerful tool for the client.

What you will experience in a session: Hypnotherapy is a deep level of relaxation, that the therapist guides you to. You will get comfortable, close your eyes, and take some slow deep breaths, and listen to the therapist guide you. It won't matter if you doze off the words will still go into your subconscious.

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