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the good life

What are values? A value is something that we hold in high esteem, something we hold dear to our heart. They are principles or standards of behaviour; how we view what is important in life.

"Our lives revolve around relationships - with ourselves, others, and everything we encounter in the world around us. The more you act in line with your values, the better will be the quality of those relationships and therefore the more enjoyable and rewarding your life will be." ~ Dr Russ Harris (The Happiness Trap)

Have you ever given your values much thought? When you discover your values, you discover what makes you tick.

"It means determining what is at your very core. Living life according to your own values, has a sense of rightness about it, and is inherently fulfilling" ~ Kotzman & Kotzman.

Being aware of your values helps you understand why there are certain things that make you happy and yet others angry; why doing one thing brings you more joy than another.

Dr Russ Harris suggests for relationship that we start with 3 core values: caring, connection and contribution. Before you interact with another person, take a moment to stop and focus on one of these values, then use them with intention in your communication. Practice this throughout the day, and at the end of the day, do a bit of journalling and reflect on what happened.

This is a helpful exercise to use with your family - exploring values - pick a value to use that day, and then at dinner that night have a discussion on what occurred. You are welcome to save the images below to use and print out, right click to save or, screen shot and then print. There is a blank card for you to add a value.

value - caring      value - connection     value - contribution

value - acceptance     value - compassion     value - communication

value - creativity     value - dependable    value - directness

value - faithful     value - friendship     value - honesty

value - humour     value - kindness     value - love

value - respect     value - safety     value - spirituality

value - support     value - trust     value - blank card to fill out

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